Your Consultation

Prior to your consultation, one of our New Patient Coordinators will help you get the information you need to help you have the most productive initial consultation possible. Our staff conducts a preliminary telephone interview to assure that you are adequately prepared for the appointment. If necessary for insurance coverage, a referral authorization must be received by our office before scheduling an appointment. We attempt to see patients with urgent medical or surgical conditions as quickly as possible.

Prior to your Initial Consultation

We would like to obtain any of your relevant previous medical records such as any fertility testing results or fertility treatments. Please inform our staff if you have any such records so we may assist you in obtaining them. We may need your help to forward the authorization for release of medical information to any of your prior physician(s) and hospital(s) to obtain copies these relevant medical records. In addition, we encourage you to obtain copies of surgical notes and videotapes, actual X-ray films and copies of laboratory tests.

The Initial Consultation

The consultation usually takes 45 minutes. Your doctors will take your history, answer any questions you might have, recommend any pertinent tests, review your medical records, if any, and recommend and explain treatments, if applicable. If appropriate, you may also meet with our financial specialist to go over the costs of infertility treatments and your insurance coverage, and you may also meet our team who will be assisting you during your treatment.

In the event you are not able to obtain all the necessary information you will need for your initial consultation, our Case Coordinator will work with you in obtaining any omissions and answer additional questions you may have.

Evaluations & Fertility Assessment

Infertility evaluations require a spouse or partner to sign a separate authorization for release of medical information to obtain copies of his records and semen analysis reports.

For a comprehensive fertility assessment, both partners are encouraged to be present at the first appointment. This evaluation usually requires approximately an hour. The cost for an initial office visit depends on the type of testing necessary to establish a diagnosis for each couple and is generally in the range of $300. If you are not prepared for this expense at the time of your visit, please let us know immediately so that additional testing can be postponed.

We do our best to provide a comfortable environment for our patients. You can always expect a welcoming and warm atmosphere at our offices.

Personalized Services

RFC has helped countless number of families, and it is our track record of extraordinary patient service that sets us apart from other infertility practices. Patients who have gone through treatments at other centers rave about our highly trained and compassionate staff – many of whom do an exceptional job of providing care from both medical and personal aspects. Dr. Lin sees his patients on every visit, and he is always just a phone call away.

Experienced Staff

RFC doctor and nursing staff specialize in infertility. Many of our staff members have experienced infertility on a personal level. We understand that the treatment process may often be stressful or overwhelming. Our insight is reflected in our ability to explain complicated medical conditions and treatment protocol in understandable terms.

Relaxing Environment

RFC is sensitive to how the environment can impact medical treatment experience. Our offices were custom designed to achieve a relaxing effect.


At RFC, we understand the personal and sensitive nature of the work we do and for that reason, we work hard to protect our patients’ privacy. We do not release medical records or any portion of them without written authorization from the patient.

RFC Highlights

  • Unparalleled personalized service
  • Award-winning physicians
  • High pregnancy success rates
  • Affordable / financing available
  • Risk-reducing refund plans
  • In-house IVF/PGD lab and embryologists
  • English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese