Experience & Service

Why choose Us?

The NextBit Surrogacy Center (NSC) based in Austin, Texas offers our clients a full service surrogacy/egg donation program at attractive fees because of our Texas Advantage. Adhering to ASRM/SART guidelines as well as to FDA guidelines, our staff and licensed professionals are skilled at working together with both intended parents and surrogates/donors to streamline your journey for a smooth passage and complication free. Our surrogates /donors are all professionally screened, including thorough background, financial and criminal checks, as well as psychologically screened by a mental health professional.

Match Quickly and Uniquely

With our large database of pre-screened surrogates/donors at NSC, we can match intended parents and surrogates without any long wait period.

Professional Coordination

NSC provides professional coordination throughout every step of the process among all the parties involved: intended parents, surrogates, egg donors, clinics, and attorneys.

Professional Relationship with Clinics

NSC maintains close professional relationships with many of the top IVF clinics in Texas and California.

FDIC Insured Escrow Accounts

Client funds and agency funds are kept in separate, federally insured escrow accounts for the client’s peace of mind and complete security of funds.

International Experience

NSC, which has experience in International Surrogacy/egg donation arrangements, can assist you with the many issues that internationally based Intended Parents will face.

Experienced Attorneys in Assisted Reproduction Law

NSC's experienced partner attorneys enable us to offer the best in legal representation and advice to our clients.

Services We Provide

  • Explanation of the steps and risks of surrogacy.
  • Educate and support the intended parents and surrogate so that they can make informed decisions.
  • Locate, identify, and recommend surrogates. Facilitate introductions and/or communications between intended parents and surrogates
  • Arrange for psychological screening, testing, and evaluation of surrogates and intended parents.
  • Locate a psychologist for surrogate initial screening and schedule visit.
  • Recommend and schedule visit with attorneys who specialize in reproductive family law and have experience in surrogate arrangements.
  • Review state laws and the legal process with both the intended parents and surrogates.
  • Review a surrogate’s medical records. Match a surrogate and intended parents.
  • Assist in obtaining health insurance and life insurance for surrogates.
  • Assist in preparing for IVF and embryo transfer in clinics.
  • Monitor, process, and authorize reimbursement to surrogate of expenses.
  • Assist in making travel arrangements of surrogate and intended parents.
  • Provide accommodations at our health recovery center or other lodging choices.
  • Handle the setup of the escrow account with escrow management company.