IVF Consultation Process

After you have thoroughly considered the expert information offered during the consultation, and have resolved any follow-up questions, you should then make your own judgment as to the suitability of IVF for your needs.

Come to USA for Medical Services Process

According to your physical condition and schedule, you can either plan for a long stay to finish the two PROCESSES or break that long stay into two shorter trips.

Supporting Services

Airport Pick-Up

Personal airport-pick up directly from airport to your medical center or housing facilities. We ensure our patient’s commute and safety.

Personal Assistance

We assign personal specialist to assist your hospital and life management.

Schedule Set-up

According to your medical treatment, schedule your personal calendar. Know and play in Los Angeles while receiving treatment.

Shopping Assistant

Customize your shopping trips in accordance with your choice. We can advise you which shops are in trend - and in line with VIP, make your trip efficient.

Personal Interpreter

Professional interpreters will help you translate your medical record and life assistant.

Nurse Visit

Daily visits from your hospital nurses so your treatment record is always up to date. The nurse will also assist your medication and medical injection during the treatment.

Nutrition Plan

Making up healthy meal plans to fit the medical necessity in order to achieve the best medical result and postoperative recovery.

Mental Health Consultation

A professional Music Therapist will help you destress and achieve calmness and a relaxed state of mind.

Private Care

We offer private nurse if for some reason, you will not have a family member accompany you in USA.

Online Education

We provide you IVF related videos to introduce our technology, medication and injection methods to help you better understanding you treatment.

Acupuncture Course

Our licensed acupuncturists can assist during procedures to promote relaxation and embryo survival rate. It also reduces stress and the chance of miscarriage.


Contact us for any other special request.